Hi this is a cross-browser popup plugin highly customizable, it has a flip transition effect and you can set different color combinations (background, font color, font family and popup shadow color)  and it supports ajax and remote image loading.
demo      download


Add this js file in the head of your html page with the right path

and add the css files with the right path to your html page

add 2 attributes to your links where you will click to popup


and the name of the div you want to popup for example


the link will be something like this

now customize the popup addding the settings in json format

simply add this div within body tag and change the values of properties

Pay attention to the quotation marks in the settings Each line should be like this


except for the ones with number like this


it’s better these properties should be the same

“albumLabel”: “Image %1 of %2”,
“alwaysShowNavOnTouchDevices”: false,
“fadeDuration”: 500,
“fitImagesInViewport”: true,
“positionFromTop”: 50,
“resizeDuration”: 700,
“showImageNumberLabel”: true,
“wrapAround”: false,

if you want to change the color of the text in the popup you should change this

“color”: “#fff”,

for the color of the X for closing the popup you should change this


for the lightbox color this


for the popup box color this


for the background color this


for the radius of border this


for the speed of transition this


for the color of the shadow of the popup this


for the shadow size this:

“shadowsize”:”0px 0px 25px 5px”,

for the font of the popup text this


for the popup width and height these


for the ajax request to load data this


for the image you want to load inside the popup add the image url here


that’s all, enjoy!