About Us
zerokod.rocks is a software house we are fond of games & design we do wordpress development, front-end development, social apps, android & iphone apps, flash/html5 games € advergames.We are MAKERS we are working in some innovative projects about data journalism, social networks, e-commerce and MOBILE killer apps…


What we do
We are setting up a young team of mobile developers, game developers, software developers and designers from all over the world. We think that crowdsourcing is the new way to organize productivity so an efficient team must be global as the markets it works to…
Zerokod Disruptive Media Productions – ( partita iva 04817660873 )


Innovation is our dream, our commitment, our passion. We like visual thinking and we love to see with our eyes what we imagine. Not only projects, but visions, boundless exploration. We are alive just to work for new hopes. Nothing is real before it sounds inside our brain. Our dawn is an invite to that concert


Fill the gap
Fill the gap between real world and immagination is easy. We find amazing the shadows of uncertain becouse behind each shadow there is a light that leads you to the astonishing. Just wait and make things happen…

Don’t esitate to contact us for a single quote or just for information or collaboration. If you are a talended designer or developer or a game artist we are glad to meet you in the event of a new collaboration…If you are an investor who want to invest on future you are welcome too.

Roberta Marino
web & mobile Developer

mobile/chat: +39 391 1003199
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